From the mountains to the beach

Puerto Vallarta

Sierra Madre

7-day all inclusive enduro MTB Adventure

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

La sierra Madre

Puerto Vallarta, Mascota & San Sebas:

Puerto Vallarta is quickly becoming one of Mexico’s best beach destinations, located at the warm pacific coast, just at the base of the Sierra Madre mountain range, and only 2 hours away from Mascota and San Sebastian del Oeste, two authentic Mexican towns from the 16th Century, which are located in a valley surrounded by magnificent mountains, 8,000 feet above sea level, just 2 hours from the tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta, right in the heart of the Sierra Madre. What do these 3 towns have in common? They all have amazing, world class mountain bike trails. And we want you to ride them with us.

Although Puerto Vallarta is a whole MTB destination on it’s own since it has amazing trails and a beautiful and warm coastline, Mascota and San Sebastian (or San Sebas, as the locals call it) are truly unique destinations that we’re sure you’ll love, just as much as their proud residents do, which live a simple life with a beautiful mountain backdrop; old time traditions like horse races and charros, walks around the plaza, town parties with mariachis, family meals, and typical drinks persist. Our rides will take you to the unique trails hidden across and along the Sierra Madre, and while riding them, we’ll visit several perfectly¬†preserved old mining towns, which used to be european colonies, connected by old mining trails now only used by bikers and hikers. Join us on a mountain bike odyssey for a taste of the Mexican riding and lifestyle up on the towns of the Sierra Madre. This trip is ideal for intermediate, advanced, expert and pro riders (we can adapt each trip to the level of the group) that want to ride their bikes on unique, world class singletrack trails and explore and experience different traditions and cultures, all part of an amazing adventure along Mexico’s Pacific Coast and it`s Sierra Madre mountain range!