Can you provide me with a reference from someone who has taken the trip that im interested in?

Absolutely. We will be happy to give you contact information of past riders for trip you’re interested in.

What kind of information will i receive to prepare for my trip?

Once registered Trail Quest riders will receive a detailed pre-departure ‘Trail Quest Travel Guide’ specific to the trip. It covers important information like: recommendd packing list, tips on traveling with your bike, insurance requirements and helpful information according to your destination to ensure that you are well prepared for the adventure ahead.

What are the penalties for canceling my trip?

If canceling, the following policy applies for our Scheduled trips:

Within 10 days of receiving your registration (and outside of the 3 week day pre-trip window) your full deposit per person will be refunded.

After 10 days your per person trip deposit is non-refundable. However it is transferrable to another trip (depending on availability) and must be used within one calendar year of your cancelation request.

Once full balance is paid at 90 days before the trip start date, 50% may be refunded up to 60 days prior, 25% refunded up to 30 days prior.

All trips are non-refundable 29 days or less prior to the trips start date.

If canceling, the following policy applies for our Private or Custom trips:

Trip deposits are non-refundable once your deposit has been received. Deposit amounts will vary depending on the destination and itinerary.

Once your full balance is received at 90 days before the trip start, 50% may be refunded up to 60 days prior, 25% refunded up to 30 days prior.

All Custom or Private trips are non-refundable 59 days or less prior to the trips start date.

All participants must purchase Travel Insurance to avoid loss of funds if cancellation is necessary.
All cancellations must be made via email sent to Trail Quest.

What if i have to cancel?

After booking your trip, you have a 10-day cancellation window to allow you to sort our flights and plan your time off. If something unexpected comes up and you need to cancel after those first 10 days, our lifetime deposit policy goes into effect: we will happily transfer your deposit to any of other departures of your choosing, at any time, as long as you give us 60 days notice. You will never be charged a cancellation fee. If you need to cancel within 60 days of your departure, your lifetime deposit and  full ride amount will be forfeited.

Once a trip is scheduled, it’s confirmed. We will never cancel a trip due to low numbers. You can go ahead and start looking into flights and making other arrangements right away. However, trip cancellation insurance is still mandatory as in very rare cases, situations beyond our control such as natural disasters, political unest or other similar events come up that may compromise the safety and enjoyability of a trip. In such extreme cases, we must reserve the right to cancel a trip, in which case we will give you a spot on another departure of the same trip, or a full credit to use towards any of our other trips.

Can i give a trip as a gift?

Yes! If you’re interested in purchasing a trip for a friend or loved one, simply let us know when making your booking and we’ll provide you with a gift package that you can give to the recipient.

What do i need to bring?

We will send you a detailed clothing and equipment list in your confirmation mail. All you need to bring besides your riding spirit is a mechanically sound bike, related bike equipment and personal gear.

Should i buy medical insurance and/or trip cancellation insurance?

All Trail Quest participants are required to have valid travel medical insurance. We will ask you to fill out a medical release and Information form with your medical insurance policy information and general medical information before each trip. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Cancellation insurance is very strongly advised. With it, you will avoid losing the funds you have invested in your trip and flight due to an emergency or illness, or illness or death of an immediate family member. Some cancellation policies also provide baggage loss protection and other protection.

If you have your own travel medical insurance policy (e.g. through your work), please ensure that it covers adventure travel, specifically mountain bike trips – some policies exclude what they deem to be ‘extreme’ sports, and often mountain biking falls into that category.

Can you help me with my pre and post travel arrangements or airfare?

International airfare (and associated costs) to your trips starting or ending place is not included nor organized by Trail Quest. We can however assist you with tips and suggesions regarding your flights, extra hotel nights, bike bag storage or revised airport transfers if you wish to extend your trip before or after the Trail Quest adventure.

Can you help me plan a trip extension?

Yes! Our local staff on the ground know the regions where they guide intimately and can offer suggestions and advice on what to do and where to stay before or after your Ride. Many of our Rides offer carefully thought-out extensions such as a unique hike, a surfing side-trip or a cultural experience that can be simply added on to your invoice at the time of your booking, or anytime afterwards (up until 30 days prior to your departure).

Do you offer private departures for small groups?

Yes, we arrange custom trips all the time. We can offer a custom departure for groups of 6 or more (or fewer riders, but the per-person price will go up substantially for fewer than 6 riders).

What kind of bike do i need?

The recommended type of bike is a modern full suspension trail/enduro bike. What you’ll need will always depend on the type of trip you have selected. Contact us for more information.

Can i bring my bike on the plane?

Yes. Most airlines will charge additional fees for bikes. Ensure that you review the airline’s policy before finalizing any bookings. We will send you detailed information on tips for packing your bike in our Trip Preparation Guide specific to your trip.

Should i bring my own bike or do you offer rentals?

We recommend you bring your bike if possible; you will ride better and with more comfort on your own bike than you will with a rental. If bringing your own is not feasible, then we offer good quality local rentals at all of our destinations – generally full-suspension although where full-sus is not available we offer hardtails.

What’s the food like? can you accommodate special dietary requests?

We try to select meals that are typical of the region you are riding in, and you can expect hearty, healthy fare that will keep your energy up while keeping your wasitline trim. On all trips, breakfasts. lunches and dinners are included. We can accommodate almost all dietary requests, which you can enter into the booking form when making your reservation.

What kind of accommodation do you use?

Our accommodations vary, but in general you can expect comfortable midrange lodges and hotels. We try to select locally-owned accommodation that offers unique local character, often owned and staffed by local ‘characters’.

What are the rooming arrangements?

A limited number of single rooms are available on most trips for a supplemental fee. Please inquire with Trail Quest when signing up for your trip and let us know if you want to add the single supplement. If you do not request a single room we will then match you up with a roommate of the same gender.

What if i’m traveling alone?

Not to worry – we get lots and lots of alone riders. Our alone riders tell us the best part of our rides is being able to travel alone and meet lots of great people from around the world. Alone riders are paired in double rooms with another rider of the same gender, or may opt for a single room upgrade.

What is your maximum group size?

On most of our Rides, the maximum is 10 Riders and 2 guides.

What is a typical day like?

You’ll typically start your day with a group breakfast at about 7:30 or 8:00 am, have a morning stretch session if feasible, then either hop on the bikes or in the support van to get to the trailhead. After a 2-to-3-hour ride, we’ll head back to the lodge or a local restaurant for a relaxing lunch, with a bit of time to digest before heading out on the trails again. In the afternoon we’ll log another 2 to 3 hours on the bike, then hit the lodge for a shower, dinner, and a few drinks to celebrate a great day of riding. We try to incorporate as much local culture and exploring as we can while riding, so there will often be stops to check out local points of interest or visit some locals

Who goes on trail quest trips?

Our Riders are passionate mountain bikers from around the world, united by a love for the sport and a passion for exploring the world. They are typically between the ages of 30 and 50, but we also get people younger and older than that range. On a typical trip we might have a couple or two, or a group travelling together, and 4 or 5 alone travellers. You’ll meet some of the most interesting and friendly people in the world on our trips!

How technical is the riding?

The difficulty of trails depends on the destination and type of trip. You will find detailed descriptions by requesting more information on the trip or check our skills levels and fitness levels.

How fit do i need to be?

Our trips vary in difficulty but in general they are suited for intermediate to expert riders. An intermediate rider is someone who can ride 4 to 5 hours per day, for several days in a row. There will always be slower and faster riders on every trip; in general we try to cultivate a strong group dynamic so that people understand it’s not about logging as many miles as possible on the odometer but about enjoying the spectacular riding and scenery inthe company of other riders, and that may require waiting every now and then. If there is a substantial enough split in the group that it will affect Riders’ enjoyment of the trip, we may split up the groups if possible.

Whatever your level, you’ll get the best possible enjoyment out of your trip by getting in shape before the trip – we’ll offer training suggestions in our post-booking communications to help you on your way. For more information read our skills Levels and Fitness Levels

How far in advance should i book my trip?

We recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance for most of our trips. Many of our trips sell out well in advance so it’s prudent to put down your deposit (40%) to guarantee you’ll get a spot.

You can book your spot on a trip by clicking ‘Book Now’ on any trip page, or by contacting us through any of our channels. A 40% deposit secures your spot, with the balance due 3 weeks prior to the trip. This deposit is fully refundable for the first 10 days after your booking, so you can hold your spot risk-free for a while and use that time to sort out vacation time, flights, etc…

What is included and not included in each trip?

What’s included:

English speaking guides for the whole trip.

Private transportation for the whole trip, including shuttles and drivers during rides.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Sierra Norte’s communities.

Bike bag storage.

Tech and Mechanical Support.

Trail Fees (we work closely with the local communities and part of what you pay goes directly to the maintenance of the trails and the support of the community).

*Rental bikes available upon request.

Spare parts available for purchase during the trip.

What’s not included:

Personal expenses (Alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, partying, etc).

Medical Insurance.

Airfare: Flights, airport taxes or excess baggage charges (if any).

Bike Equipment.

Gratitude and tips for guides, drivers, cooks etc.


This website provides full details of each trip. If you still have questions,  e-mail us at ride@trailquest.com. We would be happy to discuss our adventures with you!