Trail Quest is not your average tour company; we don’t put on trips because we wanted to live the “Pro Racer” lifestyle, make millions of dollars, or because we wanted to escape the 9 to 5 office gig (well, who doesn’t). We did it for a much simpler reason: we love riding bikes and we love meeting soulful people, more importantly, we love creating exceptional, one-off experiences for people that share this love. At our core, we simply can’t say it enough; we love riding bikes, worldly people, adventures, exploration, getting lost and having real, authentic moments, in unique places. We’re excited to extend our friendship to you, we love to live the life that we choose, and we’re pretty good at it, so come join our lifestyle. The trip may be only a week, but the memories and friendship will make you fall in love, and never want to leave. Good thing you’ll come back.

Meet our Guides


Co-owner and lead guide, Mau has been riding bikes since he was a little kid, influenced and pushed by his father, who pioneered mountain biking in Mexico in the late 80's and founded Mexico's first MTB tour company, Mau grew up riding bikes along with his two brothers, and started guiding and coaching at age 12. Now 27, Mau has 15+ years of experience in the MTB industry, from coaching and guiding, to trail building and racing. He went to law school too, but realized that riding bikes is way more fun!


Beto is one of our experts for the Oaxaca region, he has been exploring and cleaning ancient trails through la Sierra Norte for the last 10 years, and knows every mountain in the area. Always smiling, laughing and happy to help you out, his chill vibe will make you feel at home.


Jorge, Mau's brother and part of the same MTB family, grew up riding bikes, guiding, and coaching too. An Indusrial Designer, he is really creative, extremely careful and organized, and will make sure everything in your trip goes just as planned. He's a full time MTB guide and coach, so don't hesitate in asking for advice or tips to improve your skills!